Art as a Place - Artist Talk

This webinar has already occurred. See below to watch the recording.

Steven Rudin creates multilayered collage tableaux of imagined places. Rudin’s vast interiors and panoramic landscapes invite the viewer into a world of discovery and reflection. His work explores art as a place inside of all of us. In this webinar, Rudin will discuss his collage scenes in the context of Biophilic Design, an exciting concept that combines architecture and environmental psychology.

Steven Rudin
Steven Rudin is a visual artist, teacher, and psychiatrist based in New York City. Rudin reimagines hand-cut paper collage as a metaphor for memory and identity. His multilayered compositions draw viewers into a dialogue about the dynamic nature of the mind. Rudin’s art philosophy examines how stories can be put together in different ways using the same parts. His exhibitions, talks, and classes encourage participants to visualize their inner lives as collage.In mid-2017, Rudin made the shift to art full time after nearly two decades in clinical, academic, and leadership positions at Columbia University. He holds degrees from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. As adjunct faculty at the Art Students League of New York, Rudin leads workshops delving into collage as memoir. Committed to sharing ideas about art and emotional resilience, his recent speaking engagements include the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the New York Film Academy. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, public spaces, and art fairs.

Tarin Jones, Educator, The Branch Museum or Architecture and Design