Invest in our future

Your support helps make The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design’s educational and exhibition programs possible. It is also vital to the care and preservation of our historic home. Please take a look at the variety of opportunities to invest your time and resources in The Branch.

Annual Fund

Giving is unrestricted and provides general support for The Branch’s overall mission of outreach and engagement about architecture through a spectrum of exhibitions, lectures, educational opportunities, and tours. Donate»

Historic Preservation Endowment

Gifts ensure the ongoing care and conservation of the Branch House, our historically significant home, where programmed restoration, repairs, and maintenance are significant ongoing expenses. Donate»

Operations Endowment

Contributions offer the opportunity to strengthen day-to-day funding requirements of operating such an extensive institution including the organizational, administrative, and functional needs of the organization and facility. Donate»

Scholarships Endowment

The original of The Branch’s endowments, funding provides annual support to selected deserving students studying in each of Virginia’s three schools of architecture: Hampton University, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Donate»
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Education and Programs Endowment

Support will assure into perpetuity that The Branch can provide, throughout Virginia, the highest quality educational programming about architecture and its power to elevate and enrich the human experience. Donate»

Window Restoration Campaign

Donations help conserve the extensive collection of 516 leaded glass windows, preserving this distinctive architectural feature and restoring a weather-tight condition to protect other building elements. Donate»