Join us for our first virtual Branch Holiday Celebration!

101 years ago the Branch family moved into this architectural treasure, the Branch House on Monument Avenue.  This is the second pandemic our beautiful House has experienced, and we want to conclude this extraordinary year with a Branch Holiday Celebration. Join us for a virtual broadcast December 17 at 6:30 PM.

Gingerbread Design Competition

Grab your whisk and rolling pin! The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design is excited to host its first ever Gingerbread Design Competition, a fun and delicious way to get in the holiday spirit and showcase your tasty talents.

Interested in participating? Get a team together (or, if you prefer, you can fly solo), read our rules, and register by December 4, 2020!

Winners in each division of the competition will receive a free membership to The Branch Museum or a free summer camp session.

Upcoming Webinars

The Branch House – Restoration for the Second Century

This webinar series will offer an in-depth look at the restoration of The Branch House on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.  Join us as we explore the history of the Branch House and the Branch family. Savor the opportunity to have a front row seat that allows you to see areas of the House that are not open to the public.  Get a close-up look at the renovations that are underway on the roof, wood trim, decorative plaster, chimneys and pipes. Learn from some of Virginia’s best artisans, craftsmen, architects, architectural historians and Branch family members as you go on a five-part journey of exploration  through the restoration of one of Richmond’s outstanding architectural treasures.

Architecture in Dialogue

Architecture and design must begin in dialogue. The consideration of multiple issues and the inclusion of all voices is necessary to ensure that the built environment truly serves and uplifts the entire community. This need for input and involvement is especially important at a time when, whether through shifts in social norms or more sudden upheaval due to climate or disease, the built environment must change to be at once resilient and sensitive.

Hosted by The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, this webinar series examines several topics that underscore the importance of this dialogue. Panels for each webinar include individuals from a variety of fields to engage with these challenging topics from the perspective of their discipline and experience.

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design has applied for changes to our zoning regulations.  A copy of the ordinance as it has been introduced can be found HERE as well as a copy of our Special Events Management Plan HERE.