Our mission is to present The Branch House as the one place in Virginia where everyone can begin exploring design for the public good.  We strive to inspire our guests to discover and embrace their role in advancing design for the public good — design that creates connections, improves lives,
strengthens communities, and transforms the world we share for the better.

Seeking a Chief Executive Officer

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design seeks a Chief Executive Officer to lead The Branch through a period of strategic growth and the development of new opportunities. The Chief Executive Officer will be an inspiring leader responsible for creatively directing all aspects of the organization.

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Interested candidates should send a letter of interest with resume to CEOsearchTheBranch@gmail.com.

Menokin, the home of Francis Lightfoot Lee, has stood in ruins since the late 1960s. The Menokin Foundation has taken up the challenge of interpreting the “hidden histories” of the house, the people, and the land that once formed part of this plantation estate. This process includes the Glass House Project, a revolutionary treatment plan to stabilize the remaining house structure.  Join Sam McKelvey, Executive Director of Menokin, and Jorge Silvetti, Principal at Machado Silvetti and lead designer of the Glass House Project and The Menokin Master Plan, as they describe “the most engaging preservation project in America.”

Ryan K. Smith sheds light on the intersection of the Gothic Revival movement and anti-Catholicism in nineteenth-century America by arguing that rising tensions led Protestant churches to break with tradition and adopt Latin art. Dr. Smith demonstrates the extent to which artistic and architectural features allowed Protestants to lessen the potent Catholic “threat” while simultaneously adapting to America’s new commercialization.

We are looking for someone for either a summer or fall internship position. This position is available for someone seeking to further develop skills in fundraising, communications, project and events management.

While the Branch Museum is closed due to COVID restrictions, the Branch House does offer opportunities for free self-guided tours of our first level.

Our direct line to events management during non-business hours is (804) 658 – 6113.

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