Our mission is to present The Branch House as the one place in Virginia where everyone can begin exploring design for the public good.  We strive to inspire our guests to discover and embrace their role in advancing design for the public good — design that creates connections, improves lives,
strengthens communities, and transforms the world we share for the better.

The Branch House represents over a century of urban history and preservation resiliency. Our guides will share how nostalgic architects made the Tudor-Revival style a prominent component of America’s cultural history in the early twentieth century. The Branch welcomes visitors to this historic place for a 60-minute architecture tour through the Great Halls and gardens.

The Branch family tour, you will step back in time to 1919 and hear about the art collecting, travels, parties, and philanthropy of John and Beulah Branch as well as their role in Richmond and beyond. Join us on this tour as an esteemed guest of the Branch family, exploring The Branch from a uniquely personal perspective.

Opening Reception:

July 15th 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

A reunion of ten young artists. Although they have since scattered far and wide, their artwork can return to the city of Richmond and spend some quality time together.

The Museum Education Coordinator will research and support program activities and work with the Museum Educator and website coordinator in preparation for upcoming educational events.

We’re currently closed, but getting ready to reopen with exhibitions on July 15th! 

Our direct line to events management during non-business hours is (804) 658 – 6113.