Our purpose is to inspire our guests to discover and embrace their role in advancing design for the public good — design that creates connections, improves lives, strengthens communities, and transforms the world we share for the better.

What happens when a building or space outlives its purpose? Panelists in this webinar will explore the many benefits, as well as challenges, of adaptive reuse, here in the Commonwealth of Virginia and elsewhere.

The Branch House plumbing is remarkable in that so much of the original piping is still in use after 100 years but it is causing damage to the decorative plaster.  Tracing the pipes has led to understanding how the house was built behind the surfaces you see., what started as a seemingly mundane task escalated into a historical re-imagining of the entire building and discovery of what was else needs to be done!

The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design received approval from City Council on our zoning regulations changes in December 2020.  A copy of the ordinance as it was introduced and approved can be found HERE. In addition, a copy of our Special Events Management Plan can be found HERE.

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