Our mission is to present The Branch House as the one place in Virginia where everyone can begin exploring design for the public good.  We strive to inspire our guests to discover and embrace their role in advancing design for the public good — design that creates connections, improves lives,
strengthens communities, and transforms the world we share for the better.

We are looking for someone for either a summer or fall internship position. This position is available for someone seeking to further develop skills in fundraising, communications, project and events management.

In Richmond, climate change has affected and will continue to impact historically marginalized communities the most. In this webinar, panelists will examine the relationship between 20th century urban policy, racial inequality, and climate change in Richmond, and what we can do about it.

Join us for a talk with Charles Duff, author of the book The North Atlantic Cities. Richmond is a part of a family of cities in the North Atlantic including Amsterdam and London. These places started as cities of row houses, unlike the apartment house cities of Continental Europe and the suburban areas of Continental North America. Charles Duff will show how these cities came to be, how they grew and evolved, how they have overcome crises, and where Richmond fits into the family. 

While the Branch Museum is closed due to COVID restrictions, the Branch House does offer opportunities for free self-guided tours of our first level.

Our direct line to events management during non-business hours is (804) 658 – 6113.

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