Feral Cities - Tristan Donovan

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In Feral Cities, Tristan Donovan researches beyond the urban surface to uncover the diversity of wildlife that we share our streets and homes with and profiles the brave and fascinating people who try to manage them. Donovan plans to encourage our audience to think of our cities as a part of nature. Feral Cities takes readers on a journey through streets and neighborhoods far more alive than we often realize, shows how animals are adjusting to urban living and asks what messages the wildlife in our metropolises have for us.


Tristan Donovan

Born in London in 1975, Tristan Donovan is a non-fiction author, journalist, and editor who planned to become an ecologist before getting distracted by writing. His third book, Feral Cities: Adventures with Animals in the Urban Jungle, finally put that ecology degree to use. Tristan is the author of the acclaimed Replay: The History of Video Games and writes about games for The Times, Stuff, Eurogamer, and Gamasutra. His writing has also appeared in/on BBC News, Stuff, The Times, Eurogamer, Farmers Weekly, The Telegraph, Edge, Gamasutra, The Guardian, Third Sector, GamesTM, Kotaku, The Gadget Show and Game Developer, and more. He also writes about social affairs for titles such as Community Care, produces events for Community Care and Farmers Weekly, and does other bits and bobs.


Tarin Jones, Educator, The Branch Museum or Architecture and Design

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