The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design is pleased to present the 2018 awards program Virginia By Design.
In its inaugural year, this program recognizes the best efforts of designers or visionaries in Virginia
who, by profession or avocation, have made creating, preserving, and 
enhancing design in Virginia a notable endeavor which elevates the power of design.
The awards specifically highlight excellence in design, visionary thinking, patronage, and the transformative role of design in shaping the built environment.
Bestowal of the awards will occur on April 13th at a gala brunch at the Branch.

Award Categories

Vision in Design Honor
Description: Given to recognize a visionary thinker such as an educator, author, critic, curator, preservationist, or designer who has had a profound impact or influence on design education, theory, practice, or public awareness.
Eligibility: For an individual. This award may be presented to up to three individuals per year, based on the description of the award.

The Branch Medallion
Description: Given to acknowledge and celebrate extraordinary patronage of and/or support for the architecture and/or design community.
Eligibility: For an individual or entity. This award is presented to a single individual or entity per year, who has been identified as a special patron of design. Unlike the other awards, this award will not be by application, but will be determined through researched, considered evaluation by the leadership of The Branch.

Design Achievement Award
Description: With particular consideration for a corporation or institution, this award recognizes those that utilize design as a strategic tool within their mission, and that have consistently exhibited ingenuity and insight in relating design to quality of life.
Eligibility: For an entity. This award acknowledges a single entity that uses design thinking, the design process, or design themes to advance and support its business model.

Emerging Designer
Description: This award honors a designer from any discipline, not yet licensed or professional certified, who demonstrates an exemplary level of excellence in his or her design execution, as well as a dedication to advancement of the discipline.
Eligibility: For an individual. This award is presented to a single individual per year, based on the description of the award.

Prize for Public Interest Design
Description: The prize will be for a creative project that has had a transformational quality on its surroundings, whether a setting, neighborhood, or community. It will be awarded to the individual or entity responsible for shepherding the project.
Eligibility: For a project. Consideration will be given to projects across the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Submit your nominations online.
The deadline is 5 p.m., December 15, 2017. Nominations must be submitted electronically, and should be submitted as one PDF document up to 20 pages (not including letters of support) and no larger than 30 MB. 
Current Branch Museum Trustees and Awards Committee members are not eligible for nomination. No member of the Awards Committee may be used as a reference or solicited by the candidate or the candidate’s advisor.  See the Awards Program Committee Roster.

For questions about submissions, please contact Sarah Parker at