Darwin Comes to Town

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Schilthuizen magnifies urban ecologies to offer readers an up-close look at how flexible and adaptable natural selection can be. The new conditions in our urban environments force wild animals and plants to adapt to challenging environmental conditions like a hotter climate or a divided habitat. Darwin Comes to Town underscores how wildlife and humans co-exist in harmony, particularly in rapid ways unimaginable by renowned biologist, Charles Darwin.

Menno Schilthuizen
Described as an “urban ecologist,” Menno Schilthuizen studies how plants and animals interact and evolve in an ever changing world. Based in Leiden, the Netherlands, Schilithuizen researches ecology, explores jungles and mountaintops discovering new species of wildlife, and has given lectures on urban evolution at UK Green Building Council and TEDxRoma, amongst others.

Tarin Jones, Educator, The Branch Museum or Architecture and Design

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