Lesson Plans + Activities

In the Classroom

Build the tallest freestanding structure possible out of marshmallows and toothpicks, while also learning about the design process and “strong shapes.” (Grades 1-5)

Watch our Education Manager try this challenge on YouTube!

How is a house like a person? Explore this question by drawing a self-portrait of yourself as a house! (Grades Pre-K-2)

Watch our Education Manager create her own self-portrait on YouTube!

At Home

Creating a family coat of arms can be an engaging and meaningful way for family members to think about what makes their family special. This activity works well with elementary aged children, but anyone in the family can participate! (Grades Pre-K-5)

Color your way into interior design with this coloring page! This sheet features two of the most common motifs in the Branch House, the Tudor Rose and the Fleur-de-Lis, both symbols of the Branches’ family background. (All ages)

Test your visual and problem-solving skills with this online sliding puzzle, while enjoying a beautiful photograph of the Branch House’s garden! Hosted on puzzel.org. (All ages)

Try out this 64-piece online jigsaw puzzle, and put back together the gorgeous ceiling of Beulah Gould Branch’s bedroom! Hosted on puzzel.org. (All ages)