The Branch will conduct an ongoing dialogue with many of the artists we work with, exploring their art and getting a very personal view into their work. Some of our artists have been creating art for many years. Others are just on the cusp of what promises to be a long and productive career. Each has a unique perspective and approach which we will explore in these webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

Join us for a talk with Charles Duff, author of the book The North Atlantic Cities. Richmond is a part of a family of cities in the North Atlantic including Amsterdam and London. These places started as cities of row houses, unlike the apartment house cities of Continental Europe and the suburban areas of Continental North America. Charles Duff will show how these cities came to be, how they grew and evolved, how they have overcome crises, and where Richmond fits into the family. 

Past Webinars:

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Discover the architectural wonders of ancient Egypt in this webinar with Henry David Ayon, Richmond-based architect and author of Egyptian Places.