At The Branch, it is our mission to elevate awareness of the transformative power of architecture and design.

designVA is an organization for young professionals who share a passion for architecture and design. The goal of designVA is to foster educational, outreach, and networking opportunities for young professionals and advocates throughout our community; while continuing its support of The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design.  Membership is open to individuals ages 21 to 40 of all backgrounds and skills.

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Calendar of Events 2021


 Feb – 11th

    Regency Project (Purcell Construction: Tyler)

April – 8th

    Tredegar Iron Works (Mike Saferight

    Or War Memorial (Anna Kruger)

June – 10th

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Jacob/Megan Cox)

August – 12th

    Tredegar Iron Works (Mike Saferight)

    Or War Memorial

October – 14th

December – 9th

    Or Agecroft Hall (Eddie)


January – 21st

    Veil Brewing(ForestHill)

March – 11th 


May – 13th 


July – 8th


September – 9th


November – 11th
    River City Roll

2021 designVA Board

Members at Large

Matt Mallory – 

Patrick Coor –

Anna Kruger –