THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19th, 2019 – 6PM til 9PM

      Step back in time to 1919 and celebrate as the Branches would have on their first Christmas in the house. The 18th amendment for Prohibition was passed in January of 1919 and was going into effect a year later. As you can imagine, by Christmas people would have been celebrating like it was their last. The Branches had preparations underway…imagine false walls and hidden storage in an elevator shaft.

A hundred years later, let’s take their holiday spirit and party like it’s 1919.

Help us celebrate this architectural gem with libations, vintage decorations, returning treasures and a few surprises. Join us in support and preservation of the Branch House.


Thank You To Our Sponsors:

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Sally Brown
Daniel & Company
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Robbin & Robert A. Steele, FAIA

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Branch Centennial Celebration Committee:
Sally Branch, Chair, Sally Brown, Eileen Dahlstedt, Jennie Dotts, Annie Frankfort, Chris Peterson, Debbie Reading, Oksana Sikes, Cheryl Yancey, Fran Zehmer, Bucci Zeugner

Want To Learn More About The Branch Centennial 2019?

Branch Family Quadricentennial

Branch Family Quadricentennial
The Branch Family is celebrating the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Branch in Jamestown.  If you, or others you know, are interested family members, please follow this link to the Branch Family website.

Branch Portraits by de Laszlo

The Branch House’s original residents, John Kerr Branch and Beulah Gould Branch, were painted by renowned portrait artist Philip Alexius de László in the 1920s. On loan from Branch Family descendants, Marjorie Greville and Margaret Chace, to help celebrate The Branch House’s centennial, these portraits are on display for the entire year — this will be the first time these portraits will be on display together!

Artist Philip de László, following a meteoric rise to recognition in his native Hungary, settled in Britain in 1907 and became the leading portrait-painter in the country—taking over from John Singer Sargent. Marrying into the Guinness family, he painted members of almost every royal family in Europe, as well as religious and cultural leaders, and very many more of its Who’s Who.

Philip de László wrote in 1936 “the picture must show us the spirit by which the human form is vitalised…it must provide the sitter with the surroundings and atmosphere which are suitable to his personality and consistent with his state of life”.