Audio Tour of The Branch House

Explore the historic Branch House with virtual guides! As you move through the space, follow the numbers in pink on your self-guided map. To hear the audio tour, click on the corresponding chapter below. 

To listen, click “Play in Browser” for each chapter. 

Please be mindful of other guests in the gallery space. 

Chapter 1: Foyer

Branch Family Crest | Beulah Branch | John Branch | Branch Lobby

Chapter 2: Modern Amenities

Detail on Elevator Shaft | Central Vacuum Valve | Additional Valve

Chapter 3: Family History

Zayde at the Branch’s Italian Villa | John and Beulah Branch | The Branch’s Home in New York

Chapter 4: Long Gallery

The Long Gallery during the 80’s | Details on the Venetian Light Fixtures | Doorframes in the Gallery | The Long Gallery in Use

Chapter 5: Chapel

Mermaid Door Handles | Madonna and Child | Eucharist Niche

Chapter 6: Library

Ceiling of the Library | Detailing Above the Fireplace | The Library as an Event Space

Chapter 7: John and Beulah's Portraits

Beulah’s Portrait | John’s Portrait | Philip de László | The Branch Family Burial Plot at Hollywood Cemetery 

Chapter 8: Main Gallery

The Main Gallery During Branch’s Occupation of the Home | Details of the Choir Loft | Compton Wynyates

Chapter 9: Social Gallery

Leather-Studded Door | Social Gallery | Details of the Tapestry

Chapter 10: Backyard

The Branch Exterior During the Community Chest Occupation | Details of Back Exterior | Backyard