Coming Summer 2018,

The Branch Museum is excited to announce five week-long sessions of Architecture Camp!


Architecture Camp consists of exciting field trips and building challenges in which students will investigate approaches to real-world problems, as they:

  • Tackle and solve projects while working collaboratively in teams to resolve issues that confront their city
  • Learn how to investigate their world beyond the bounds of conventional thinking
  • Talk with guest architects, learning about their careers and work
  • Tour Richmond, exploring and learning about different existing and upcoming buildings, public transit, neighborhoods and their history
  • Explore the exciting opportunities of architecture and other design disciplines
  • Partake in interactive discussions and take time to reflect on their learning

Students will emerge with:

  • An Architecture Camp Journal: a daily journal where students complete activities and record their daily reflections
  • A part in the Architecture Camp Exhibit: an small exhibit that will be on display at the Branch; will contain a culmination of student work that they help to curate, along with an individual design statement that they create


Over a course of five days, students will become acquainted with The Branch House and Richmond’s many pockets through interactive, team based tours and activities. As they explore, they will be introduced to architects, designers, and more. They will use newly learned skills to create their own projects and consider how their new knowledge applies to the city. Students will come out with a new understanding of the many elements that go into the architecture and design that surround them.


Register for: June 25-29 — for rising 6th – 8th graders

Register for: July 9-13 — for rising 6th – 8th graders

Register for: July 23-27 — for rising 2nd – 5th graders

Register for: August 6-10 — for rising 2nd – 5th graders

Register for: August 13-17 — for rising 6th – 8th graders


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Summer Camp Scholarships provided by Rotary Club of Richmond, VA to young passionate designers and architects.





For questions regarding Architecture Camp, please contact Jennifer VanSteenburgh at